Sir John Harington

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 70.

This ingenious Poet, and accomplished Gentleman, was born near Bath in Somersetshire, where he had a plentiful Estate. He was educated in (Christ's or) St. John's College Cambridge, where he made a great proficiency in Learning, and was very much esteemed; Doctor Fuller allowing him to be a Poet in all things except his Wealth. Queen Elizabeth was his Godmother, and his Father for carrying a Letter to that Princess (before she was Queen) was Imprisoned twelve Months in the Tower: His Mother also, being Servant to that Princess was sequestered from her, and his Father injoyned not to keep Company with her; so that on both sides he was endeared to Queen Elizabeth.

Besides a Volume of Epigrams, he obliged the World with an Excellent Translation of Ariosto's ORLANDO FURIOSO, Dedicated to the Lady Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia.

He died about the middle of the Reign of King James the First.