Sir John Harington

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 236-37.

SIR JOHN HARINGTON translated Orlando furioso in English heroicall verse: printed by Richard Field, 1591, fo. He, likewise, wrote a book of epigrams: printed for John Bridges, in 1615, 4to. and publish'd The Englishmans doctor, or The schoole of Salerne, or Physicall observations for the perfect preserving of the body of man in continuall health: printed for John Helme, 1609 (a translation from the Schola Salerni): reprinted in 1624, under the title of The schoole of Salerne, and the precepts of Ronsovius; both 8vo. In ten-line stanzas. He has, likewise, some sonnets in his Pierces supererogation, or a new prayse of the old asse, 1598, 4to. He has a sonnet in The Ocombian banquet, 1611, upon that "whetstone of all the wits," Tom Coriat. He versify'd the whole of the psalter of David, which mister Douce has in MS. He, likewise, has some poetical scraps in his New discourse of a stale subject, called The metamorphosis of Ajax of a-jakes, 1596; and wrote verses on the death of Mary Q. of Scots: which was in Flemings MS. describe'd by Peck. An inedited poem by him intitle'd "Englands poverty," is preserve'd in MS. Ashmole, 781. Among the MSS. in the College-library Edinburgh, is "A new yeares gift to K. James by sir J. Harrington." He dye'd in 1612.