Samuel Daniel

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 179-80 & n.

SAMUEL DANIEL wrote, 1. Delia: contayning certayne sonnets; with The complaint of Rosamond: 1592, 4to. 1594, 12mo. [Daniels first publication was the worthy tract of Paulus Jovius, 1585: in the preface of which occur verses translated from Italian.] 2. The civile warres betwene the two houses of Lancaster and Yorke [in 8 bookes]: of which "the first fowre bookes" were printed by P. Short for S. Waterson, 1595, 4to. 3. Poetical essayes, 1599, 4to. 4. A panegyricke congratulatorie delivered to the kings most excellent majestie at Burleigh-Harrington in Rutlandshire. Also certaine epistles, ... heretofore written, and now published by the author. At London imprinted for Edward Blount, 1603, 8vo. This contains 1. A panegryicke, &c. 2. To sir Thomas Egerton knight, lord keeper of the great seale of England. 3. To the lord Henry Howard, one of his majesties privie councel. 4. To the lady Margaret contesse of Cumberland. 5. To the lady Lucie countesse of Bedford. 6. To the lady Anne Clifford. 7. To Henry Wriothsley erle of Southampton. 8. The passion of a distressed man, &c. Certain poems, 1605, 8vo. lately printed by G. Elde for Simon Waterson. Certaine small workes heretofore divulged, 1611, 8vo. He has, likewise, commendatory verses prefix'd to Joneses Nennio, or a treatise of nobility, 1595; to Dymocks translation of Il pastor fido, 1602; to Erondells French garden, 1605; to Edmundes Observations on Caesars Commentaries, 1609; and Sylvesters Du Bartas, 1613. He dye'd in 1619. A collected edition of his poems was publish'd by his brother, in 1623, 4to. Ben Jonson say'd of Daniel, that he "was a good honest man, had no children, and was no poet, and that he had wrote the civil wars, and yet hath not one battle in his book." Drummond, on the contrary, pronounces him "for sweetness in ryming second to none."