Robert Tofte

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 361-62 & n.

ROBERT TOFTE. 1. Orlando inamorato. The three first bookes of that famous noble gentleman and learned poet, Mathew Maria Boiardo earle of Scandiano in Lombardie. Done into English heroicall verse, by R. T. gentleman. Printed at London by Valentine Sims, 1598. 4to. 2. Two tales translated out of Ariosto. The one in dispraise of men. The other in disgrace of women. With certain other Italian stanzas and proverbs. By R. T. gentleman. Printed at London by Valentine Sims, 1597. 4to. 3. Laura. The toyes of a traveller; or the feast of fancie, divided into 3 parts, by R. T. gent. of London. Printed by Valentine Simmes, 1597. 4to. 4. Alba, the months minde of a melancholie lover. By R. T. gentleman. London, 1598, 8vo. 5. Honours academy, or the famous pastorall of the faire shepherdesse Julietta, 1610, fo. by this Tofte, is intermingle'd with many poesys. See GERVASE MARKHAM.

Though the initials R. T. are constantly thought to be those of Robert Tofte, it may be just mention'd that there was, likewise, a Richard Turner, who wrote Nosce te (humors), 1607, a collection of epigrams: but nothing, it is believed, before 1600.