Christopher Marlowe

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 275-76.

CHRISTOPHER MARLOW, educated at Cambridge, a dramatick writer of great celebrity, translated, 1. Hero and Leander: printed by A. Islip for E. Blunt, 1598, 4to. (licens'd to John Wolfe, 1598.) It contains onely the first two festiads; but the translation was continue'd and perfected by Chapman; though in the performance thereof, he fel short of the spirit and invention with which it was begun. 2. Lucans first booke, line for line: printed by P. Short, 1600, 4to. but licens'd to Wolfe in 1598. 3. Certaine of Ovids elegies: printed, at Middleburgh, without date, 8vo. [1596]. 4. Coluthuses rape of Helen, 1587 (Warton, from Coxeter). Q. A well-known song, by Marlow, of considerable merit for its age and true pastoral simplicity, intitle'd "The passionate shepheard to his love," is printed in Englands Helicon, 1600. He was stab'd in a brothel, 1593; a fellow, upon whom he had drawn, in a fit of jealousy, forceing his dagger into his own head (not bosom, as Warton misrepresents).