John Davies of Hereford

Philip Bliss, Athenae Oxonienses (1815) 2:264-65.

See a long extract from Davies's Funeral Elegy on Mrs. Elizabeth Dutton, in the Censura Literaria, vol. ix, page 173, in which the author gives some lamentable proofs of his distressed situation. Poverty and suffering, he there tells us, had turned his locks grey before he was five and thirty.

Wood was wrong in supposing, that Davies was a member of the university of Oxford, since he only repaired thither in his professional capacity of a writing master. At the end of his Microcosmos are several sonnets addressed to persons of rank, &c: (much in the manner of Lok) among others, one "To my much honored and intirely beloved patronesse the most famous universitie of Oxford".... From two subsequent sonnets, it seems that the members of Magdalen college were his particular patrons. There is a head of Davies prefixed to his Anatomy of fair Writing, 4to. 1631.