Samuel Rowlands

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 316-18.

SAMUEL ROWLANDS wrote, 1. The betraying of Christ. Judas in despaire. The seven words of our saviour on the crosse, with other poems on the passion: printed by A. Islip, 1598, 4to. 2. The famous history of Guy earle of Warwicke: printed by Edward Allde, without date, 4to. 3. The letting of humours blood in the head-vaine: with a new Morisco daunced by seaven satyres upon the bottom of Diogenes table: printed by W. White, 1600, 4to. and reprinted in 1607, under the title of Humors ordinarie, where a man may be verie merrie, and exceeding well used for his sixe-pence, 4to. 4. Looke to it for ile stabbe ye, being characters in verse, 1604, 4to. 5. Democritus, or Dr. Merriman his medicines against melancholy humours; enter'd to John Deane, 24th of October 1607. 6. Humors looking-glasse; printed by Ed. Allde, 1608, 8vo. 7. Hell broke loose, a terrible battell betweene the two consumers of the whole world, Time and Death, 4to. 8. Doctor Merrieman, or nothing but mirth; printed for John Deane, 1609, 4to. 9. Martin Markal, beadle of Bridewell, &c. 1610, 4to. 10. The knave of clubbs, satirical characters, 1611, 4to. 11. A sacred memoire of the miracles wrought by our lord and saviour, 1618, 4to. 12. The night raven, 1618. 13. Good newes and bad newes, 1622, 4to. 15. Diogines lanthorne, 1628, 4to. 15. Heavens glory, earths vanity, and hells horrour, 1628, 4to. He has a copy of verses prefixed to Andrewes Unmasking of a feminine Machiavell, 1604, and another to Collinses Teares of Love, 1615.