Christopher Brooke

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:F 220.

He [Samuel Brooke] had an ingenious Brother named Christoph. Brooke, a Yorkshire man born, who after he had left the University (whether this, or Cambridge, I cannot yet tell, notwithstanding several of his Sirname and time have studied at University Coll.) he setled in Lincoln's Inn, purposely to advance himself in the municipal Law, where he became known to, and admired by, Joh. Selden, Ben. Johnson, Mich. Drayton, Will. Browne, George Withers, and Joh. Davies of Hereford, especially after he had published An Elegy consecrated to the never dying Memory of Henry Prince of Wales. Lond. 1613, qu. In the Year following, he being then a Bencher, was elected Summer Reader of his House, became a Benefactor to the Chappel there, and wrote another Book entit. Eclogues; dedicated to his much loved Friend Mr. Will. Brown of the Inner-Temple. Lond. 1614. oct. He hath also Verses put before the first part of Britannia's Pastorals, pen'd by the said Browne, also before a poetical piece called The legend of Great Cornwall, written by Mich. Drayton, and had a considerable hand in dishing out The Odcombian Banquet, An. 1611.