Barnabe Barnes

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 125-26 & n.

BARNABY BARNES, a younger son of Richard bishop of Durham, wrote A divine centurie of spiritual sonnets: printed by J. Windet, Lon. 1595; and dedicated to Toby Matthews, bishop of Durham. There is, also, a sonnet by this writer in Harveys Pierces supererogation, 1593; with his real signature, and two others, signed "Parthenophil" and "Parthenope," and he is, probablely, the B. B. who prefixes to the Worlde of wordes, 1598, "A friendes gratulation, to his beloved friend master John Florio, for that which god hath sent him, and he us;" in two eight-line stanzas. He was born in 1569, but the time of his death is uncertain. See B. B. From Nashes Have with you to Saffron-Walden, 1596, it appears that he had visited France, in some military capacity, about 1591. A "Madrigall" or sonnet, by Bar. Barnes, is prefix'd to Fordes Fames memorial, 1606.

Oldys, in his MS. notes on Langbaine, says that after 1591, he publish'd his Parthenophil and Parthenope, translated The Spanish counsellor, and writ a poem of "Shores wife." He ads, however, that Harvey and Nash say that "Shores wife" was Anthony Chewts, and that Churchyard says "he has been rob'd of the fame of a poem publish'd so called."

At the end of Percys Sonnets to the fairest Coelia, 1594, is "A madrigal to Parthenophil upon his Lays and Parthenope." T. P.