John Day

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) 63-64.

This Gentleman, who likewise liv'd in the Reign of King James I. was some time Student of Caius College in Cambridge; and was Author of Six Dramatick Pieces.

I. The Travels of the Three English Brothers, Sir Thomas, Sir Anthony, and Mr. Thomas Shirley; an Historical Play, acted by her Majesty's Servants, 1607. Dedicated to Honour's Favourites. In the Composure and Performance, Mr. Day was assisted by Mr. Rowley and Mr. Wilkins. The Foundation of this Play is taken from Dr. Fuller's Worthies, our English Chronicles, &c.

II. A Parliament of Bees; a Masque. 1607. This is an Allegorical Description of the Humours of Mankind.

III. Humour out of Breath; a Comedy, 1607.

IV. Law-Tricks, or Who would have thought it; a Comedy. 1608.

V. The Isle of Gulls; A Comedy, acted in Blackfryars, 1633. Plot from Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia.

VI. The Blind Beggar of Bednal Green, with the merry Humour of Tom Stroud, the Norfolk Yeoman; acted by the Prince's Servants, 1659. For the Story see our English Chronicles in the Reign of King Henry VI.

A Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn writ a Poem upon the Transactions between Mr. Day and his Landlord, wherein are these punning Lines.

Here Night and Day conspire a secret Flight;
For Day, 'tis said, is gone away by Night.
The Day is past, but Landlord where's your Rent,
You might have seen, that Day was almost spent.
Day sold, at length put off whate'er he might,
Tho it was ne'er so Dark, Day would be Light.