Rev. John Marston

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 277-78.

JOHN MARSTON wrote and published, 1. The metamorphosis of Pigmalions image, and certaine saytres: printed for Edmond Matts, 1598, 16mo. 2. The scourge of villanie. Three bookes of satyres (2 editions): printed by I. R. 1598, and 1599, 16mo. Both these pieces were reedited, by the reverend John Bowle, in Miscellaneous pieces of antient English poesie, 1764, 12mo.

These books, together with Davises Epigrams, and others, were burnt in Stationers-hall, by order of the archbishop of Canterbury and bishop of London, 4th June 1599. It was likewise order'd "That noe satyres or epigrams by printed hereafter." In the Bodleian catalogue The metamorphosis of Pygmalions image, appears under the initials W. K. which are, in fact, sign'd to that work, [and were so put for W. Kinsander; a name assume'd by Marston, or adopted by him as a signature, to the prose address before his Scourge of villanie. T. P.]

It is a strange and unaccountable blunder of Wood, that all Marstons works (except The scourge of villany, and The insatiate countess) "were gathered together by Will. Shakespeare, the famous comedian, and being by his care printed at Lond. 1633, Oct. [17 years, that is, after his death] were by him ... dedicated to Elizabeth Cary viscountess Falkland" (Athenae Oxo. I. 333.)