Rev. John Marston

Philip Bliss, Athenae Oxonienses (1815) 1:764-65.

Marston is supposed to have been of a family settled at Astcot in Shropshire. There seems great difficulty in ascribing the right college to the poet, for in the Oxford verses on the death of Queen Elizabeth, is a copy signed John Marston, "ex aede Christi." In the 34th of Eliz (1592) a person of both names was chosen reader of the Inner Temple. Oldys says, that Marston the poet died in the former part of the reign of Charles the first, aged about 60 years.

Ben Jonson told Drummond of Hawthornden that "he fought several times with Marston, and that the latter wrote his father-in-law's preachings, and his father-in-law his comedies." ... Wood's strange mistake in affirming that Shakspeare published Marston's plays in 1633, (seventeen years after Shakspeare's death,) arose from the circumstance of W. Sh. being placed for the publisher's name, who, in fact was William Sheares the bookseller.