Sir William Vaughan

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:528.

SIR WILLIAM VAUGHAN, Son of Walt. Vaughan of the Golden Grove in Caermarthenshire Esq; and younger Brother to Sir John Vaughan the first Earl of Carbury, was born at the Golden Grove, became a Commoner of Jesus Coll. in Mich. Term, an. 1591, age 14, took the degrees in Arts, and entred on the Law Line, but before he took a degree in that Faculty, he went to travel, and performing some exercize in order thereunto in Vienna, did proceed Doctor there, and at his return was incorporated at Oxon in the same Faculty, an. 1605. In which, tho' indifferently learned, yet he went beyond most Men of his time for Latin especially, and English, Poetry. Afterwards spending much time in rambling to and fro, did take a long journey for the honour and benefit of his Nation, and became the chief undertaker for the Plantation in Cambriol, the Southernmost part in Newfound-land, now called by some Britanniola, where with pen, purse, and Person did prove the worthiness of that enterprize. He hath written,

[Greek characters] Pium, continens canticum canticorum Solomonis, & Psalmos aliquot selectiores, una cum quibusdam aliis poematis e Sacrae Scripturae fontibus petitis. Lond. 1597. oct.

Elegia gratulatoria in honorem illustriss. Herois Caroli Howard Comitis Nottingham. 23. Oct. 1597. meritiss. creati. Printed with the former.

Varia Poemata de Sphaerarum ordine, &c. Lond. 1589. oct.

Poemata continent. Encom. Roberti Comitis Essex. Lond. 1598. oct.

The Golden Grove moralized, in 3 Books. A work very necessary for all such, as would know how to govern themselves, their houses, or their country. Lond. 1600. and 1608. oct. This Book which is written in prose, was commended to the World by some Poets, or at least pretenders to Poetry, then (1600.) living in the University, as Dr. Joh. Williams Marg. Professor, Will. Osbourne one of the Proctors, Hen. Price Bac. of Div. of S. John's Coll. Griffin Powel of Jesus, Joh. Budden LL.D. Nich. Langford and Tho. Came Masters of Arts, Gabr. Powel B.A. Sam. Powel, Tho. Storer, and Jo. Rawlinson Masters of Arts, Charles Fitzgeffry of Broadgates, Tho. Michelbourne, &c.

The Golden Fleece, divided into three parts; under which are discovered the errors of Religion, the vices and decays of the Kingdom, &c. Lond. 1626. qu. in prose. Transported from Cambriol. Colchos out of the Southernmost part of the Island call'd New-found-land by Orpheus jun. alias Will. Vaughan. There is no doubt but this our ingenious Author hath other things extant, but such, tho' with great scrutiny, I cannot yet discover: nor can I find any thing else relating to the Author only that he was living at Cambriol before-mentioned in sixteen hundred twenty and eight. I find one Will. Vaughan, a physician, who among several other things hath published a book, entit. Directions for Health, natural and artificial, derived from the best Physicians, as well modern as ancient, &c. Printed several times, as in 1617. oct. Lond. 1626. qu. the sixth edit. and there again 1633. &c. Another book also he wrote called The Newlanders Cure, with Rules against the Scurvey, Caught, &c. Printed 1639. oct. &c. Whether this physician was originally of Oxon. I cannot tell, notwithstanding we have had several of both his names and time matriculated as members of Bal. coll. Jesus, &c. There is also another Will. Vaughan, a physician, who published Disputatio medica de Febre continuata. Printed 1671. qu.