Thomas Middleton

William Winstanley, Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687) 135-36.

Thomas Midleton was one who by his Industry added very much to the English Stage, being a copious Writer of Dramatick Poetry. He was Contemporary with Johnson and Fletcher, and tho' not of equal Repute with them, yet were well accepted of those times such Plays as he wrote; namely, Blurt Mr. Constable, the chaste Maid in Cheapside, Your fine Gallants, Family of Love, More Dissemblers than Women, the Game at Chess, the Mayor of Quinborough, a mad world my Masters, Michaelmas Term, No Wit like a womans, the Roaring Girl, any thing for a quiet Life, the Phenix and a new Trick to catch the old one, Comedies; The world toss'd at Tennis, and the Inner Temple, a Masques; and Women beware Women, a Tragedy. Besides what, he was an Associate with William Rowley in several Comedies and Tragi-Comedies; as, the Spanish Gypsies, the Changeling, the Old Law, the fair Quarrel, the Widow: Of all which, his Michaelmas-Term is highly applauded both for the plot and the neatness of the style.