Francis Beaumont

Anonymous, in Biographia Britannica (1747-66) 1:623-24.

Mr Francis Beaumont was descended from the antient family of his name, seated at Grace-dieu in Leicestershire, and was born about the year 1585 or 1586, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. His grandfather John Beaumont was Master of the Rolls, and his father Francis Beaumont one of the Judges of the Common-Pleas. His mother was Anne, daughter of George Pierrepoint, of Mome-Pierrepoint in Nottinghamshire. Our Poet had his education at Cambridge; but in what college, we are not told. He was afterwards admitted a student in the Inner-Temple: but it does not appear, that he made any proficiency in the knowledge of the Laws; on the contrary, it is probable, his devotion to the Muses was too great, to suffer his thoughts to be employed on so dry and severe a science. He died before thirty years of age, in March 1615, and was buried, the ninth of the same month, in the entrance of St Benedict's chapel, within St Peter's Westminster.