John Chalkhill

Elizabeth Cooper, in The Muses Library (1738) 315.

The Author of a Pastoral History, call'd Thealma, and Clearchus publish'd long after his Death by Mr. Izaac Walton: By whom we are told he was an intimate Friend of Spencer's, generally known, and as well belov'd; modest, and obliging in his Behaviour, innocent and prudent in his Life: In short a Gentlemen, and a Scholar, whose Precepts of Virtue were best illustrated by his own Example.

He dy'd before he could perfect even the Fable of his Poem, and, by many Passages in it, I half believe, He had not given the last Hand to what he has left behind Him. — However, to do both him and his Editor Justice, if my Opinion can be of any Weight, 'tis great Pity so beautiful a Relique should be lost; and the Quotations I have extracted from it, will sufficiently evidence a fine Vein of Imagination, a Taste far from being indelicate, and both Language, and Numbers uncommonly Harmonious, and Polite.