Rev. Robert Herrick

William Winstanley, Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687) 166-67.

Robert Herric one of the Scholars of Apollo of the middle Form, yet something above George Withers, in a pretty Flowry and Pastoral Gale of Fancy, in a vernal Prospect of some Hill, Cave, Rock, or Fountain; which but for the Interruption of other trivial Passages, might have made up none of the worst Poetick Landskips. Take a view of his Poetry in his Errata to the Reader in these lines.

For these Errata's, Reader thou do'st see,
Blame thou the Printer for them, and not me:
Who gave him forth good Grain, tho his mistook,
and so did sow these Tares throughout my Book.

I account him in Fame much of the same rank, as he was of the same Standing, with one Robert Heath, the Author of a Poem, Entituled Clarastella, the ascribed Title of that Celebrated Lady, who is supposed to have been both the Inspire and chief Subject of them.