Rev. Robert Herrick

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses ed. Bliss (1815) 3:250-51.

ROBERT HEYRICK was a Londoner born, but descended from those of his name (which are antient and genteel) in Leicestershire, was elected fellow of Alls. coll. from that of S. John's as it seems, in the year 1628, but took no degree, as I can yet find. Afterwards being patroniz'd by the earl of Exeter, lived near the river Dean-Bourne in Devonshire, where he exercis'd his muse as well in poetry as other learning, and became much beloved by the gentry in those parts for his florid and witty discourse: but being forced to leave that place, he retired to London, where he published

Hesperides: or, Works both humane and divine. Lond. 1648, in a thick oct. with his picture (a shoulder-piece) before it.

His noble Numbers: or, his Pieces. Wherein (among other things) he sings the Birth of Christ, and Sighs for his Saviour's Sufferings on the Cross — printed with Hesperides. These two books of poetry made him much admired in the time when they were published, especially by the generous and boon loyalists, among whom he was numbered as a sufferer. Afterwards he had a benefice conferr'd on him (in Devonsh. I think) by the said E. of Essex, and was living in S. Ann's parish in Westminster, after his majesty's restoration. He had a brother or near kinsman named Rich. Heyrick a divine, whom I have elsewhere mention'd.