Sir William Cavendish

William Winstanley, Lives of the Most Famous English Poets (1687) 188-89.

This Honourable Person, for his eminent Services to his Prince and Country, preferred from Earl to Duke of New-Castle; was a Person equally addicted both to Arms and Arts, which will eternize his Name to all Posterity, so long as Learning, Loyalty, and Valour shall be in Fashion. He wrote a splendid Treatise on the Art of Horsemanship, in which his Experience was no less than his Delight; as also two Comedies, The Variety, and the Country Captain. Nor was his Dutchess no less busied in those ravishing Delights of Poetry, leaving to Posterity in Print three ample Volumes of Her studious Endeavors; one of Orations, the second of Philosophical Notions and Discourses, and the third of Dramatick and other kinds of Poetry, of which five Comedies, viz. The Bridalls; Blazing World; Covent of Pleasure; The Presence; and The Sociable Companions, or Female Wits.