Robert Farley

David Irving, in Lives of the Scottish Poets (1804) 2:293n.

Robert Fairley, who styles himself Scoto-Britannus, published several poetical works of an indifferent character. He is the author of a Latin poem entitled Nanlogia, sive Inventa Navis. Lond. Sine anni indicio. 4to. It is inscribed in prose and verse to Sir Robert Aytoun. He also published Kalendarium Humanae Vitae: the Kalender of Man's Life. Lond. 1638, 8vo. This work consists of poems on the four seasons. His other publication bears the title of Lychnocausia, sive Moralia Facum Emblemata: Lights Morall Emblems. Lond. 1638, 8vo. This volume, as well as the last, exhibits each poem in Latin and English. The emblem was about that period a favourite species of composition: it had been recommended by the example of Beza and other ingenious poets; and in Britain it had been attempted by Francis Quarles with a degree of applause which certainly exceeded his intrinsic desert.