Joseph Rutter

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) 215-16.

This Gentleman was a Dependent on the Family of the Lord Dorset, in the Reign of King Charles II. He writ one Play, and translated two others, by the Command of his Majesty and the Lord Dorset.

I. The Shepherd's Holyday; a Tragi-Comedy-Pastoral, presented before their Majesties at White-Hall, by the Queen's Servants, 1635. Mr. Langbain stiles this Piece the Nobler Sort of Pastoral, being written in Blank Verse.

II. The CID; a Tragi-Comedy, acted before their Majesties at Court, and at the Cockpit in Drury-Lane, 1637. Dedicated to Edward Earl of Dorset. A Translation from Corneille, and the young Lord Dorset assisted in it.

III. The CID, Part II; a Tragi-Comedy, 1640. Dedicated to the Lady Theophila Cook. This Part is also a Translation from Corneille. These Plays are founded on History; see Roderic de Toledo, and Marianna, &c.