Sir William Davenant

Edward Phillips, in Theatrum Poetarum (1675) 2:191-92

Sir William Davenant, a very large sharer in the Poetic Fame of the present Age, of which he was a surviving overhearer, till within these few years, and of no less a memory for the future, for the great fluency of his wit and Fancy; especially for what he wrote for the English Stage, of which having layd the Foundation before by his Musical Dramas, when the usual Plays were not suffer'd to be acted, he was the first reviver & improver by painted Scenes; after his Majesty's Restauration, erecting a new Company of Actors, under the Patronage of the Duke of York; his works since his death have been fairly publisht in a large Volume, consisting of many Comedies, which need not be enumerated, as being printed altogether, with several Tragedies, Interludes, Historical Drama's; his Poem entitled Madagascar, a Farrago of his Juvenile, and other Miscellaneous Pieces, and the Crown of his Gondibert, the best of Heroic Poems, either Ancient or Modern, in the judgement of Mr. Hobs, a Learned Man indeed, but in some other of his opinions, suppos'd to have been prov'd fallible by those that have taken him in hand.