Sir Thomas Herbert

Samuel Egerton Brydges, in Censura Literaria 3 (1807) 248-49.

Sir Thomas Herbert, Bart. was son of Christopher Herbert, son of Thomas Herbert, Alderman, of York, descended by a younger son from Sir Thomas Herbert of Colebrooke, in Monmouthshire, Kt. He was born in Yorkshire, entered of Jesus College, Oxford, 1621, thence taken under the patronage of his relation William Earl of Pembroke. Hence he was sent to travel in Asia, and Africa; and, on his return, published A relation of some years' Travels into Africa and the greater Asia, especially the territories of the Persian Monarchy, and some parts of the Oriental Indies and isles adjacent. Lond. 1634, 1638, &c. 1677, Fol. which is the fourth impression, wherein many things are added, not in the former. In the Rebellion he adhered to the cause of Parliament; and when the Parliament Commissioners in 1647 removed the King's own servants from about his person at Holdenby, Mr. Thomas Herbert was with Mr. James Harrington received as Groom of his Majesty's Bedchamber. In that employment he continued to serve, with great fidelity and affection, till his royal master was, to the horror of the world, brought to the block.

Mr. Herbert was created a Baronet 3 July 1660, and died 1 March 1681, aged 76. He married 1st Lucia daughter of Sir Walter Alexander, by whom he had Sir Henry, his successor, and other children. His second wife was Elizabeth daughter of Sir Gervase Cutler of Stainborough, in Yorkshire, Kt.