Sir Aston Cokayne

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) 40.

A Gentleman of an ancient Family, who, in the Reign of King Charles II. liv'd at Ashbourn in Derbyshire, where he had a fine Seat. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge; and about the Age of twenty four, he travell'd into France and Italy: And being very much inclin'd to Poetical Studies; he left (among several other Pieces) three Plays and a Masque.

I. A Masque perform'd at Berthie in Derbyshire, 1639. before the Right Honourable Philip, first Earl of Chesterfield.

II. The obstinate Lady; a Comedy, 1658. This play is an Imitation of The very Woman, written by Massinger.

III. TRAPPOLIN suppos'd a Prince; a Tragi-Comedy, 1658. The Plot of this Play is taken from Trapolin credulo Principe; an Italian Tragi-Comedy, which the Author saw acted at Venice. It was reviv'd by Duffet, after the Restoration; and since by Mr. Tate, being acted in Dorset Garden, 1685.

OVID'S Tragedy, 1669. Part of this Play is taken from Ovid's Elegies, and part from Il Atheisto Fulminato, an Italian Play; particularly, the Passage of Hannibal's inviting the dead Carcas of Helvidius to Supper; and on which Foundation the Catastrophe of the Libertine is built.

Mr. Winstanley and Mr. Philips, place to this Author Thersites, and Tyrannical Government, tho', 'tis suppos'd, they were none of his. These are all printed with his Poems in 8vo.