Sir Richard Fanshawe

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) 97.

This Gentleman was Brother to the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fanshaw. He had his Education at the University of Cambridge, from whence he remov'd to Court, where he did not continue long without Preferment; being made Secretary to King Charles I. in Holland, France and Scotland: He was a perfect Master of the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Languages; and was no less a Statesman than a Scholar. After the Restoration, he was sent Ambassador, to agree upon a Match between King Charles II, and Catherine the Infanta of Portugal. In the Year 1664. he was order'd to the Court of Madrid, to confirm a Treaty of Commerce, and Died there, 1666. very much lamented. His Dramatick Pieces are only two in Number, and both Translations.

I. Pastor FIDO, or The Faithful Shepherd; a Pastoral, printed 1646. Dedicated to King Charles II, when Prince of Wales. It is translated from the Italian of the famous Guarini, who imitated Tasso's Aminta, and excell'd it. This Pastoral was first writ on the Occasion of Charles Emmanuel, the Young Duke of Savoy's Marriage with the Infanta of Spain.

II. Querer per solo querer, To Love only for Love's sake, 1671. This is a Dramatick Romance, translated from the Spaish of Mendoza by Sir Richard, when he was under Confinement in Tankersly Castle in Yorkshire, he being taken Prisoner at the Battle of Worcester, during the Civil Wars, exerting himself in the Defence of his Royal Master. This Play consists of but three Acts, according to the Spanish Custom.