Rev. Thomas Fuller

John Aubrey, in Brief Lives, 1669-1696; ed. Clark (1898) 1:257-58.

Thomas Fuller, D.D., borne at Orwinkle in Northamptonshire. His father was minister there, and maried ... one of the sisters of John Davenant, bishop of Sarum. — From Dr. Edward Davenant.

He was a boy of a pregnant witt, and when the bishop and his father were discoursing, he would be by and hearken, and now and then putt in, and sometimes beyond expectation, or his yeares.

He was of the middle stature; strong sett; curled haire; a very working head, in so much that, walking and meditating before dinner, he would eate-up a penny loafe, not knowing that he did it. His naturall memorie was very great, to which he had added the art of memorie: he would repeate to you forwards and backwards all the signes from Ludgate to Charing-crosse.

He was fellow of Sydney College in Cambridge, where he wrote his Divine Poemes. He was first minister of Broad Windsor in Dorset, and prebendary of the church of Sarum. He was sequestered, being a royalist, and was afterwards minister of Waltham Abbey, and preacher of the Savoy, where he died, and is buryed.

He was a pleasant facetious person, and a bonus socius.

Scripsit "Holy Warre"; severall Sermons, among others, a funerall sermon on Henry Danvers, esq., the eldest son of Sir John Danvers, (and only (son) by his second wife, Dantesey), brother to Henry earl of Danby, preached at Lavington in Wilts 1654: obiit 19th November.

He was minster of Waltham Crosse in Essex, and also of the Savoy in the Strand, where he dyed (and lies buryed) not long after the restauracion of his majestie.