Rev. Thomas Fuller

James Granger, in Biographical History of England (1769; 1824) 2:354.

Thomas Fuller, prebendary of Salisbury, and rector of Broad Windsor, in Dorsetshire, was eminent as a divine; but more eminent as a biographer and historian. His imagination was lively, his reading extensive, and his memory tenacious of what he read. His History of the Holy War, his Holy and profane State, his Church History, his Pisgah Sight, his Abel Redivivus, and his History of the Worthies of England, are the most considerable of his works. Of these, the Church History is the most erroneous; the Pisgah Sight the most exact; and his History of the Worthies the most estimable. He was unhappy in having a vein of wit, as he has taken uncommon pains to write up to the bad taste of his age, which was much fonder of conceit than sentiment. This vicious taste was upon the decline in the reign of Charles I. Ob. 15 Aug. 1661, Aet. 54.