Rev. William Cartwright

John Aubrey, in Brief Lives, 1669-1696; ed. Clark (1898) 1:148.

William Cartwright, M.A. Aedis Christi, Oxon., natus juxta Teuxbury in com. Glocestriae, September, 1611; baptizatus 26 Sept.

Glocestershire is famous for the birth of William Cartwright at a place called Northway near Tewksbury. Were he alive now he would be sixty-one.

He writt a treatise of metaphysique — quaere Dr. (Thomas) Barlowe, etc. de hoc: as also of his sermons, particularly the sermon that by the king's command he preached at his returne from Edge-hill fight.

'Tis not to be forgott that king Charles 1st dropt a teare at the newes of his death.

William Cartwright was buried at Northway aisle in Christ Church, Oxon. Pitty 'tis so famous a bard should lye without an inscription.

William Cartwright was borne at Northway neer Tewksbury, Gloucestershire — this I have from his brother, who lives not far from me, and from his sisters whom I called upon in Glocestershire at Leckhamton. His sister Howes was 57 yeares old the 10 March last: her brother William was 4 yeares older.

His father was a gentleman of 300 per annum. He kept his inne at Cirencester, but a year or thereabout, where he declined and lost by it too. He had by his wife 100 per annum, in Wiltshire, an impropriation, which his son has now (but having many children, lives not handsomely and haz lost his learning: he was by the second wife, whose estate this was). Old Mr. Cartwright lived sometime at Leckhampton, Gloc., wher his daughters now live.