Rev. Samuel Hardinge

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:17.

SAMUEL HARDINGE, Son of Rob. Hard. of Ipswich in Suffolk, became a Sojourner of Exeter Coll. an. 1634, aged 16 Years or thereabouts, took one degree in Arts four Years after, and wrote, Sicily and Naples: or, the fatal Union, a Tragedy. Oxon. 1640. in qu. commended to the World by the Verses of Rob. Stapylton B.A. of S. Alban's-Hall, Nich. Downey, Richard Doddridge, and A. Short, Bachelors of Arts of Ex. Coll. Job. Hall a Civilian of S. Alb. Hall, Edw. Hall, B.A. of Ex. Coll. and Sam. Hall, M.A. of the said House, all the Sons of Dr. Joseph Hall Bishop of Exeter. The said Trag. was published by P.P. without the knowledge, as was pretended, of the Author, who afterwards became Chaplain to a certain Nobleman, and about the beginning, or in the heat, of the Civil War departed this mortal life, as by Dr. Arth. Bury his Contemporary I have been informed.