Thomas Blount

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxoniensis (1690-91; 1721) 2:73.

The said Tho. Blount Son of Myles Blount of Orleton in Herefordshire, the fifth Son of Ret. Blount of Monkland in the same County, was born at Bordesley in Worcestershire, being of a younger House of an antient and noble family of his name, but never advantaged by Learning by the help of an University, only his own geny and industry, together with the helps of his scholastical acquaintance during his continuance in the Temple, before and after he was Barrester. His writings are many, and some perhaps not fit here to be put down; among which are [list omitted]. At length upon the breaking out of the Popish Plot, being much affrighted by the violent current of that time (he himself being a zealous Rom. Cath.) he contracted the Palsy, as by his last letter sent to me, dated 28 Apr. 1679, I was informed, adding therein, that he had then quitted all books except those of devotion. On the 26th of Dec. following, being S. Stephen's Day, he died at Orleton in Herefordshire, (where he had a fair and plentiful Estate) in the Year of his Age 61, and was buried in the Church there, and soon after had a comely Monument put over his Grave by Anne his relict, Daught. of Edm. Church of Maldon in Essex, Esq. He then left behind him an imperfect Chronicle of England, which he and J. B. (that's all I know of him, for Mr. Blount would never tell me his name) had for several Years been compiling, but what became of it afterwards, I cannot tell.