Richard Flecknoe

Charles Gildon, in Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1699) 56.

This memorable Author liv'd in the Reign of both the Charles's, was (as I have had it at good hands) a Jesuit, but forsook the knavish part of his Office for Poetry, tho' his Works, if I may credit those that have read him with more regard than myself, is not enough to quit him of all the tricks of that Order, he is for nothing so famous, as for naming a Poem of Mr. Dryden's call'd MacFlecknoe, he has Published several Plays, but whether any of 'em were Acted or not, I'm not able to determine.

Damoyselles A-la-mode, a Comedy, 8vo. 1667. Dedicated to their Graces the Duke and Dutchess of New Castle, borrowed from Moliere's Precieuse Ridicules, L'Escole des Femmes, and L'Escole des Maris.

Erminia; or, The Chast Lady, a Tragi-comedy, 8vo. 1667. Dedicated to the fair and virtuous Lady the Lady Southcote.

Love's Dominion, a Pastoral, 8vo. 1654. Dedicated to the Lady Elizabeth Claypole: A Play full of Morality, and written as a Pattern for the Reformed Stage.

Love's Kingdom, a Pastoral Tragi-Comedy, 8vo. 1664. Dedicated to his Excellency the Marquess of Newcastle. This Published with a fresh Title ten years after; the other going before, is almost the same, only Corrected, and a very little alter'd.

Marriage of Oceanus and Britannia, a Masque.

This Author has written divers Epigrams and Enigmatical Characters; also a short Discourse of the English Stage. Published at the end of his Love's Dominion, 8vo. Diarium, or The Journal, another piece of his in Burlesque Verse, 12ves. 1656, &c.