Samuel Sheppard

Isaac Reed, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1782) 1:410.

S. SHEPPARD. Lived in the reign of king Charles I. He was the son of Dr. Harman Sheppard, a physician, who died July 12, 1639. Oldys, in his MS. notes, says, our author was imprisoned at Whitington College, for writing a paper or news-book, which came out weekly, or thrice a week, called Mercurious Eleniticus. He also, during the prohibition of the stage, wrote and published two small dramatic pieces on party subjects, which, however, bear much stronger testimony to his loyalty than to his poetical abilities; for, besides the shortness of each of them, being not longer than a single act of a moderate play, they are almost entirely stolen from other authors. The titles of them both are the same, the second being only a continuation of the first. They are intitled,

The Committee-man curried. C. in two parts. 4to. 1647.