Samuel Pordage

David Erskine Baker, in Companion to the Play-House (1764) 2:Bb5v.

SAMUEL PORDAGE — a writer in the Reign of King Charles II. He was Son of the Rev. Mr. John Pordage, Rector of Bradfield, in Berkshire, and formerly Head Steward of the lands to Philip, the second Earl of Pembroke. — He was probably born at Bradfield; where he received his Education I am unable to trace, but find him mentioned by Wood as a Member of the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn. Besides an Edition with Cuts (published after the author's Death) of Reynolds's God's Revenge against Murder and Adultery, he has favoured the World, of his own Products, with a Romance, entitled Eliana, two Plays of original Composition, and a Translation of a third. — The titles of the said dramatic pieces are,

1. Herod and Mariamne. Trag.

3. Siege of Babylon. Tragi-Com.

3. Troades. Trag. (supposed by Langbaine, from the initial Letters S. P. annex'd, to have been translated by this Author.)