Sir Richard Graham

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:F 167.

This Gentleman, who was usually called Sir Rich Grimes, was the Son of Sir George Graham of Netherby in Cumberland Bt. and afterwards at riper Years a Burgess for Cockermouth in Cumberland to serve in several Parliaments, particularly for that which began at Westm. the 26th of Jan. 1679, and for that which began at Oxon the 21st of March 1680. Afterwards he was created by his Majesty K. Ch. II. Viscount Preston in Scotland, and by K. Jam. II. was sent Ambassador into France upon the recalling thence of Sir Will. Trumbull. Some time after his return, he became so great in the favour of that King, that on the 28th of Octob. or thereabouts, An. 1688, he was made one of the Secretaries of State upon the removal of Robert E. of Sunderland, who seemed very willing to be discharged of that Office, because, that having then lately changed his Religion for that of Rome, he thought it very requisite to make provision for a safe retirement to avoid the danger that might come upon him, if the enterprise of the Prince of Orange should succeed, as it did. In the said station of Secretary the Lord Preston continued till K. Jam. II. left the Nation in Dec. following, who then would have made him Viscount Preston in Amounderness in Lancashire, but the sudden change of affairs being then made, to the great wonder of all People, there was not Seal pass'd in order to it. In the beginning of Jan. 1690 he was taken, with others, in a certain Yacht going to France to King Jam. II, upon some dangerous design, as 'twas said, and thereupon being committed Prisoner to the Tower, was in danger of his Life, and endured a long and tedious imprisonment, &c. He is a Gent. of many accomplishments, and a zealous lover of the Church of England, &c. Ancius Manlias Severinus Boetius of the Consolation of Philosophy. Lond. 1695. oct. in 5 Books, was english'd and illustrated with notes by Rich. Lord Visc. Preston.