Rev. Knightly Chetwood

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 31.

This Gentleman was bred at Eton School, from whence he removed to King's College, in Cambridge, for the Compleating his Education. He is Dean of Glocester, and was nominated to that Bishoprick of Bristol, by Kings James, but that Prince quitted the Kingdom before his Election passed the Seals: and he lays Claim to an Antient Barony and Seat in the House of Lords by Birth. He has wrote the following Poems.

I. On the Marriage of the Lady MARY with the Prince of Orange.

II. An Ode in Imitation of PINDAR. On the Death of the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ossory.

III. On the Death of his Grace, the late Duke of Ormond. Anno. 1687.

IV. The parting of HECTOR, with his Princess ANDROMACHE. When he went upon his last Expedition, in which he was Slain by Achilles. Done from the Greek of Homer, Iliad 6. &c.