Nahum Tate

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) (1719) 254-56.

This Gentleman, our late Poet-Laureat, was born in the Kingdom of Ireland, and there educated. He was a Man of Learning, Candour, and Courteous to all. He had a good share of Wit, and a great deal of Modesty, which prevented his making his Fortune, and being incumber'd with Debts, he had for several Years the Patronage of the Earl of Dorset. He died in the Mint, Anno 1716, and was interr'd in St. George's Church Southwark. He has, besides Poetical Performances, and a Version of the PSALMS, (in conjunction with Dr. Brady) given us Nine Plays, viz.

I. BRUTUS of ALBA; an Opera, presented at the Duke of York's Theatre, 1678. Dedicated to the Right Honourable Charles Earl of Dorset and Middlesex. The Design of this Opera is taken from Virgil's Aeneids, B. IV.

II. The Loyal General; a Tragedy, acted at the Duke's Theatre, 1680. Dedicated to Edward Taylor, Esq.

III. RICHARD the Third, or The Sicilian Usurper; an Historical Play, acted at the Theatre Royal, 1681. Dedicated to George Raynsford, Esq. This was a Play of Shakespear's reviv'd and alter'd.

IV. The Ingratitude of a Common-wealth, or The Fall of CAIUS MARIUS CORIOLANUS; acted at the Theatre Royal, 1682. Dedicated to Charles Lord Herbert, Marquiss of Worcester. Part of this Play is borrow'd from Shakespear's Coriolanus.

V. Cuckold's Haven, or An Alderman no Conjurer; a Farce, acted at the Queen's Theatre in Dorset-Garden, 1685. Dedicated to Colonel Ashton. Part of the Plot of this Piece seems to be taken from Ben Johnson's Eastward Hoe, and the Devil's an Ass.

VI. A Duke and no Duke; a Farce, acted by their Majesties Servants, 1685. Dedicated to Sir John Hewye. In which are several Songs set to Musick, with thorough Basses for the Theorbo or Bass-Viol. The Plot from Trappolin Suppos'd a Prince.

VII. The Island Princess; a Tragi-Comedy, acted at the Theatre Royal, 1687. Dedicated to Henry Lord Walgrave. This is Fletcher's Island Princess reviv'd, with Alterations.

VIII. LEAR, King of England, and is Three Daughters; an Historical Play, acted at the Duke's Theatre, 1687. Dedicated to Thomas Boteler, Esq. This Play was perform'd with great Applause. It is one of Shakespear's reviv'd, with Alterations, and is now call'd, The True and Ancient History of King LEAR.

IX. Injur'd Love, or The Cruel Husband; a Tragedy, acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane.