Gerard Langbaine

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:892-93.

GERARD LANGBAINE, Son of Dr. Ger. Langbaine sometime Provost of Queen's Coll. was born in the Parish of S. Peter in the East, within the City of Oxon, on the 15th of July 1656, educated in Grammar Learning in Denton in the Parish of Cudeston near Oxon, under a noted Master called Will. Wildgoose, M.A. bound an Apprentice to a Bookseller called Nevil Simmons living in S. Paul's Church Yard in London, but soon after called thence by his Mother, on the Death of his elder Brother named Will. Langbaine, and by her entred a Gent. Comm. of Univ. Coll. in Mich. term 1672, where tho' put under the tuition of a good Tutor, yet by his Mother's fondness he became idle, a great jockey, married, and run out of a good part of the Estate that had descended to him. But being a Man of parts, he afterward took up, lived for some Years a retired life near Oxon, improved much his natural and gay Geny that he had to Dramatic Poetry, and at first wrote little things without his Name set to them, which he would never own. Afterwards he wrote and owned [list of works omitted].

An Account of the English Dramatic Poets: or, some Observations and Remarks on the Lives and Writings of all those that have published either Comedies, Tragedies, Tragi-Comedies, Pastorals, Masques, Interludes, Farces or Opera's in the English Tongue. Oxon. 1691 in a thick oct. This Book, with Momus Triumphatus, was mostly compiled from a Collection of about a thousand printed Plays and Masques, besides Drolls and Interludes which he had been Master of, while he lived in his private retirement at Wick and at Hedington near Oxon. On the 14th of August 1690, Mr. Langbaine was selected inferior Beadle of Arts of this University in consideration of his ingenuity and loss of part of his Estate, and on the 19th of Jan. following he was elected Superior Beadle of Law, in the place of Mr. Christopher Wase, who died on the 29th of Aug. going before: From which time to the election of Mr. Langbaine the place was kept void in hopes of a fit Person to obtained to execute the Office of Architypographus, but in vain, which Office was formerly joyned to the superior Beadleship of Law, as I have elsewhere told you. While he was superior Beadle he wrote and published an Appendix to a Catalogue of all Graduates in Divinity, Law and Physic, &c. written and published by Rich. Peers superior Beadle of Arts and Physic: which Appendix contains the Names of all the Proceeders in Div. Law and Phys. in this University from the 14th of July 1688, (where Peers left off,) to the 6th of Aug. 1690. At length our Author Langbaine giving way to fate on the 23rd of June in sixteen hundred ninety and two, was buried in the Church of S. Peter in the East within the City of Oxon. I have been informed by others that he had written The Hermaphrodite, a Novel, which perhaps may be the same with The Gallant Hermaphrodite, and amorous Novel. Lond. 1687. oct. translated from the French of Sieur de Chavigny: But Quaere.