Dr. William Coward

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:947-48.

WILLIAM COWARD, born in the City of Winchester, Son of a Father of both his Names, by his Wife.... Sister of Dr. John Lamphire, became a Comm. of Hart Hall in the Month of May 1674, aged 18, admitted Scholar of Wadh. Coll. in the Year following, adm. B. A. 27 Jun. 1677. adm. probat. Fell. of Mert. Coll. in Jan. 1679. Master of Arts 13 Dec. 1683. Bach. of Phys. 23 June 1685; Dr. of Phys. 2 July. 1687, practised Physic at Northampton, and afterwards in 93, 94, in Lombard street in London. He hath wrote,

De fermento volatili nutritio conjectura rationis, qua ostenditur, spiritum volatilem oleosum, e sanguine suffusum, esse verum ac genuinum concotionis ac nutritionis instrumentum, &c. Lond. 1695. oct. He hath translated into Latin Heroic Verse the English Poem called, Absalom and Achitophel. Oxon. 1682. in 5. sh. in qu. written by Joh. Dryden Esq; Poet Laureate to K. Ch. II. Mr. Coward being school'd for it in the Coll. and his Poem not being taken in the University, the Title of it was caused by Tho. Word of New Coll. to be put in Thompson's Intelligence of the 13th of June 1682, as to have been written by Walt. Curle, of Hartford, Gent. The Translation of the said Poem done by Franc. Atterbury and Franc. Hickman of Ch. Ch. was extol'd more than that of Coward.