Bp. Francis Atterbury

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:1063-64.

FRANCIS ATTERBURY Son of Dr. Lew. Atterb. Rector of Middleton Keyns in Bucks, was born in that County, elected Student of Ch. Ch. from Westminster School, anno 1680, aged 17 Years, took the degrees in Arts, entred into holy Orders, became Lecturer of S. Bride's, alias S. Bridget's, in London, Chaplain in Ord. to their Majesties King William III. and Queen Mary. He was the Author of

An Answer to some Considerations on The Spirit of Martin Luther, and the Original of Reformation, lately printed at Oxon. Oxon at the Theatre 1687. qu. This Book, which was published on the 10th of August the same Year, was soon after reflected upon by way of Answer by Tho. Deane, M.A. and Fellow of Univ. Coll.

Several Sermons, as (1) Sermon before the Queen at Whitehall 19 May, 1692, on Psal. 50.14. Lond. 1692. qu. (2) The Scorner incapable of true Religion, Sermon before the Queen at Whitehall 28 Oct. 1694. qu. written originally by John Dryden, Esq; in this Translation he had the Assistance of Franc. Hickman, one of the Students of Ch. Ch. of one Year's Standing. The Lat. Translation bears this Title — Absolon & Achitophel. Poema Latino carmine donatum. printed in 5 sh. in qu.