Rev. Samuel Wesley

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:963.

SAMUEL WESTLEY or Wesley, Son of Joh. Wesley of Whitchurch in Dorsetshire, was educated in Grammar Learning in the Free-School at Dorchester in the same County under Mr. Hen. Dolling, where being fitted for the University was sent to Exeter Coll. became a Servitour there about the beginning of Mich. Term, an. 1684, aged 18 Years, and in the next Year he published,

Maggots: or, Poems on several Subjects never before handled. Lond. 1685. oct. It hath before it the picture of a young Man, writing on a Table with a Lawrel round his Head, and a Maggot on the Forehead. The Dedication is to Mr. Dolling before-mentioned, and the Author hath put Notes upon every Poem. Afterwards he took the degree of Bach. of Arts, entred into holy Orders, had some employment in or near London, and afterwards became Rector of South-Ormesby in Lincolnshire, where he wrote

The Life of our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. An heroic Poem, dedicated to her sacred Maj. Lond. 1693. fol. adorned with various Cuts.

Elegies on the Queen (Mary) and Archbishop (Tillotson) Lond. 1695. in 8 sh. in fol. published in the beginning of March 1694. The said Sam. Westley is Grandson to — Westly the fanatical Minister sometime of Charmouth in Dorsetshire, at what time (1651) the Lord Wilmot and K. Ch. II. had like to have been by him betrayed, when the continued incognito in the County—