William King

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91) ed. Bliss (1815) 4:666-67.

WILLIAM KING, son of Ezech. King of Lond. gent. was elected student of Ch. Ch. from Westminster school in Mich. term an. 1681, aged 18 years, took the degrees in arts, entred on the law line, took the degrees therein, and became secretary to Anne princess of Denmark in January 1694. He hath published

Reflections of Mr. Varillas his History of Heresy, Book 1. Tom. 1 as far as relates to English Matters; more especially those of Wickliff. — printed in 1688. in 6 sh. in oct. Edward Hannes, another young student, had a hand in this book.

Animadversions on a pretended Account of Denmark. Lond. 1694. oct. The preface to it is written by the auth. to Mr. Mouldsworth of Dublin, author of the Account of Denm. and, with the Animadversions, publish'd in the beginning of Aug. the same year. The title of the said Account of Denmark (which was printed three times before the said Animadversions were published) runs mostly thus, An Account of Denmark as it was in the Year 1692, more particularly of the Form of Government, how it came hereditary and absolute; the Condition, Customs, and Temper of the People, &c. Lond. 1692. oct. He hath translated from French into English, (1) New Memoirs and Characters of the two great Brothers, the Duke of Bovillon and Mareschal Turenne. Lond. 1693. oct. written by Jam. de Langlade, baron of Saumieres. (2) The Life of Marc. Aurel. Antoninus the Roman Emperor, together with some select Remarks upon the said Antoninus his Meditations concerning himself, treating of a natural Man's Happiness, &c. as also upon the Life of Antoninus. Lond. 1692. oct. which life and remarks were written by monsieur and madam Dacier.