Rev. Jonathan Swift

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 208-09.

A Clergyman, now living, of great Wit. He was born in the Kingdom of Ireland, of English Parents, and educated in Trinity-College near Dublin. He left Ireland as soon as he had taken Orders, and coming into England, I am inform'd, he was some time entertain'd by the famous Sir William Temple. He was then receiv'd into the Family of the late Earl of Berkeley, in the Quality of a Chaplain; and attended his Lordship at the time he was one of the Lords Justices of Ireland. After this, I have been told, he was intimate with the late Lord Halifax, but on the Turn of Affairs, my Lord Oxford drew him into his Interest, when he was concern'd in writing the famous State-Paper, call'd The Examiner. He has since been prefer'd to the Deanery of St. Patrick's in Ireland, which he holds, with one of the best Livings in that Kingdom.

His Baucis and Philemon; imitated from the eighth Book of Ovid, is a Piece celebrated for its Humour; and his Writings in general are too well known to pretend to give a Character of them.