Rev. Thomas Yalden

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 2:1022-23.

THOMAS YOULDING, a younger Son of Joh. Yould. sometimes a Page of the Presence and Groom of the Chamber to Prince Charles, afterwards a sufferer for his Cause, and an Excise Man in Oxon after the Restoration of K. Ch. II. was born in the Parish of S. John Baptist in Oxon, on the second day of January, 1659, (in which Parish I my self received also my first Breath) educated in Magd. Coll. School while he was a Chorister of that House, was elected Demy, an. 16- and in the Year 16- Probationer Fellow. He is the author of

Divers Poems, as (1) Against immoderate Grief; to a Lady weeping. 'Tis an Ode in imitation of Casimere. (2) Hymn to the Morning, in praise of Light, an Ode. (3) Hymn to Darkness. (4) Human Life: supposed to be spoken by an Epicure, in imitation of the second Chapt. of the Wisdom of Solomon. 'Tis a Pindaric Ode, and inscribed to the Lord Hunsdon. (5) Against Enjoyment. (6) The Curse of Babylon. Paraphrased from the 13th Chapt. of Isa. a Pind. Ode. (7) To Mr ... Congreve, an Epistolary Ode occasion'd by his late Play called The old Bachelor. (8) The Insect against Bulk. (9) To his Friend Capt. Chamberlain; in love with a Lady he had taken an Algerine Prize at Sea. In allusion to the fourth Ode of Horace, lib. 2. All these Poems are remitted into a Book entit. Examen Poeticum, being the third part of Miscellany Poems, &c. Lond. 1693 oct. published by Joh Dryden, Esq.

In the Annual Miscellany for the Year 1694, being the fourth part of Miscel. Poems, &c. Lond. 1694 oct. he hath the following Poems, viz. (1) To Mr. Watson on his Ephemeris of the Celestial Motions, presented to her Maj. (2). The Rape of Theutilla, imitated from the Lat. of Famian Strada. (3) An Ode for S. Cecilia's Day, 1693. composed, or Music set to it, by Mr. Dan. Purcel. (4) The force of Jealousy. To a Lady asking if her Sex was as sensible of that passion as Men, an allusion to O! quam cruentus foeminas stimulat dolor. Seneca's Hercules Oetus. (5) In Imitation of Horace, Ode 22. Integer Vitae, &c. (6) To his perjur'd Mistress, from Horace. Nox erat, & caelo fulgebat luna sereno, &c. (7) Patroclus' Request to Achilles for his Arms, Imitated from the beginning of the 16th Iliad of Homer.