Ambrose Philips

Obituary in Whitehall Evening Post, 20 June 1749; in Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 3 (1815) 71.

Last week was buried in Audley Chapel from his house in Hanover Street, Ambrose Philips, Esq. late Member for Armagh in Ireland, and Registrar of the Prerogative Office in that Kingdom: a Gentleman well known to the learned world by his writings: whose Pastorals and Translations from Pindar, with his tragedy, called The Distressed Mother, are esteemed among the most elegant compositions in the English language. He died in the 78th year of his age, after a life spent most in foreign states. He was remarkable for his politeness and integrity of manners. He was a native of Shrewsbury, but descended of the Phillipses of Leicestershire, who have been frequently representatives of that county. He was many years Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and paymaster of the lottery office. He was the last survivor of the excellent authors of the Tatlers, Spectators, and Guardians.