William Somervile

John Nichols, in Literary Anecdotes of the XVIII Century (1812-15) 2:58n.

Mr. Somervile, of whom some interesting particulars occur in the Works of Shenstone and in the Letters of Lady Luxborough, was the author of several pleasing poems; the three principal of which, The Chace, Hobbinol, and Field Sports, have frequently been re-printed; and the whole of his writings form part of every elegant collection of English Poetry. The short but faithful account of Mr. Somervile by Dr. Johnson renders it unnecessary to say more of him here, than that he was an accomplished gentleman, an active and skilful sportsman, and an useful justice of the peace; that he died July 29, 1742, in his 50th year; and was buried at Wotton, near Henley in Arden. He was the intimate friend of Mr. Shenstone; who placed a monumental urn at the Leasowes to his memory, (engraved in Gent. Mag. for September 1807).