Rev. Joseph Trapp

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 213-14.

This Gentleman is second Son to the Reverend Mr. Joseph Trapp, Rector of Cherington in Gloucestershire, at which Place he was born. His first Rudiments of Learning he had under his Father, and at private Schools, from whence he went for some time to New-College in Oxford; and removing from thence, was, for many Years, Scholar and Fellow of Wadham-College in the same University, where he took the Degree of Master of Arts. At Oxford he was unanimously chosen Professor of Poetry in the Year 1708. being the first of the kind, and is succeeded in that Office (which can be held but for ten Years) by Mr. Thomas Wharton, Fellow of Magdalen-College. This Poetry-Lecture was founded by Dr. Henry Birkhead, formerly Fellow of All-Souls. As to what he had publish'd under his own Name, his Pieces are the following, viz.

I. A Poem upon the lamented Death of his Highness the Duke of Gloucester.

II. A Poem on the Death of King William. Both these Pieces are very well writ, and contain a great variety of Poetry.

III. To the Queen, on the Death of his Royal Highness Prince George of Denmark.

IV. A Poem upon the Death of Queen Anne.

V. A Paraphrase upon the 104th Psalm.

VI. The Description of the Prodigies which attended the Death of Julius Caesar; translated into Blank Verse, from the latter end of the first Book of Virgil's Georgicks.

VII. The Story of Phaeton, an excellent Translation, from the first and second Books of Ovid's Metamorphoses.

VIII. The Love of Gallus, translated from Virgil's tenth Eclogue.

IX. A Copy of Verses upon the Duke of Beaufort's Seat at Badmington in Gloucestershire.

X. The Aeneis of Virgil, translated into Blank Verse, with large Notes and Observations; in two Volumes.

Besides these, Mr. Trapp has one Latin Poem in the Musae Anglicanae, and his Praelectiones Poetica publish'd in three Volumes, duodecimo.