Elizabeth Elstob

Thomas Hearne, 20 October 1709; in Reliquae Hearniae, ed. Bliss (1869) 1:167.

There is just come out An English-Saxon Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory ... by Eliz. Elstob. Lond. 8vo. Which book, though it bear the name of Mrs. Elstob, yet is chiefly owing to her brother, Mr. William Elstob, lately fellow of University college, and now rector of St. Swithin's in London. This small work is designed to promote and advance Saxon knowledge; but I am much mistaken if it will not have a quite different effect, and make it look mean and little. The long, tedious dedication and preface, containing above three-score pages, the Latin letter of Mr. Elstob to his sister, occasioned by his turning this homily into Latin, (printed also here,) the bedrol of subscribers' names at the end, with several other particulars, are such odd flights of vanity, that they do and willmake the book ridiculous, and expose both brother and sister to the reflections of those who are always ready to run down and despise such vain, affected performances.