Joseph Mitchell

Ralston Inglis, in Dramatic Writers of Scotland (1868) 85-86.

JOSEPH MITCHELL. — Son of a mason in the parish of Ratho, near Edinburgh, where he was born about 1684. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, with a view to the Church. This design was, however, abandoned, and he proceeded to London, where, being introduced to Sir Robert Walpole, he obtained the support and patronage of that minister. He died in 1738. Mitchell published in 1729, 2 vols., 8vo., a collection of his Miscellaneous Poetry. The following dramas appeared under his name: 1. The Fatal Extravagance, a tragedy, 8vo., 1720. [Aaron Hill seems either to have written this play, or a large portion of it. See Biographia Dramatica]. 2. The Fatal Extravagance, a tragedy, (an alteration of the above), 12mo., 1725. 3. The Highland Fair, or Union of the Clans, an opera, 8vo., 1731; acted at Drury Lane. From a letter of David Mallet, dated Dec. 1721, it appears that Mitchell was at that time engaged in the composition of a tragedy on the subject of the death of James the First of Scotland.