Thomas Tickell

Isaac Reed; in Dodsley, A Collection of Poems (1782) 1:3-4n.

Mr. Tickell was born in the year 1686, at Bridekirk in Cumberland, where his father, a clergyman, then lived. He became a member of Queen's College, Oxford, in April 1701. On the 2nd of February, 1708, he took the degree of M. A. and two years afterwards was chosen Fellow of his College. During his residence at the University, the Opera of Rosamond was performed, and on its appearance, Mr. Tickell addressed a Poem to Mr. Addison, the Author, which was so well received, that it laid the foundation of an intimacy between the two friends, and proved of the greatest advantage to Mr. Tickell's future fortune. When Mr. Addison went to Ireland as Secretary to Lord Sunderland, Mr. Tickell accompanied him, and was employed in public business. In 1717, he became Under Secretary of State, and about 1725, was appointed Secretary to the Lords Justices of Ireland, a place of great honour, in the enjoyment whereof he continued until his death, which happened at Bath, on the 23d of April 1740.