Leonard Welsted

Giles Jacob, in Historical Account of the Lives and Writings of our most considerable English Poets (1720) 227.

A Gentleman now living, descended from a good Family in Leicestershire, and educated at Westminster-School. He hath for some time apply'd himself to Poetical Studies, tho' he has oblig'd us with but few Performances. His Patron, I take it, is the Duke of Newcastle, who is a great Encourager of polite Literature. The Free-Thinker has mention'd him with a great deal of Honour, but perhaps not more than he deserves. His Poetical Writings are the following, (viz.)

I. To the Earl of Clare, on his being created Duke of Newcastle. This is a very good Poem.
II. The Triumvirate; or a Letter from Palemon to Celia, from the Bath.
III. A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Chandois; lately publish'd.
IV. To the Duke of Buckingham, on h is Essay on Poetry.
V. Several small Love-Poems in the Free-Thinker.
He has also translated Longinus's Treatise De Sublimitate.